Июль 9, 2013

For determination of shared state of a human body good effects will be yielded by its palpation. Event it is is extremely relevant. I have told: «for shared state determination…». And we know that, blanket problems are not solved yet, there is no sense to climb in quotients. The bear is not slayed yet, there is no sense to agree about skin sale.

Let’s consider, for example, as make a belly palpation, including it «special field».

The flabby belly speaks about wilt of the person, predominance female (inskih) energies. In this case for the help to the patient strenghtening treatment (that quite logically is necessary: time a belly flabby, means, it is necessary to strenghten it). Are demonstrated adaptogeny and any events for magnification of staminate (jansky) energy.

The intense belly bears to dominance of staminate (jansky) energies. In this case relaxing and purgatives are demanded.

At first the belly surface is palpated, then is very careful, without injuring the person, try to go hardly more penetrating to experience, a leah is multiplexing in an abdominal cavity. If is, then, nesmotrja on any difficulties, it is necessary to be converted to the doctor. If is not present, it is possible to try to manage characteristic forces.

On a belly there are «alert points» to which one it is necessary to pay especial attention. At pressing in a point allocated on centerline of a belly, apart downwards from a belly-button in the event that there are violations from small intestines, the person can feel of breadth of three setpins a pain or offensive feels.

On breadth of a setpin from a xiphoid appendix of a breast bone, on belly centerline, «alert points» hearts are allocated. At a pain myocardial infarction are quite often felt in this place, and the person supposes that the maw is not perfectly in order.

The load law

Февраль 17, 2013

This law — a special case of the law of trial.

Any circuit, alive or nonliving (and the circuit it can be only when it is analysed by the person), can operate, if is capable to withstand exterior action. We will tell so: a sledge only then a sledge when on them it is possible to be rolled. Exterior action is a load, which one for each circuit the. On a sledge it is possible to put the kid — they will withstand it, and it is possible to deliver a motorcycle — they any more will not withstand this load. The load can be in a physical orb, social, spiritual. If the family head withstands overload on operation, he earns something, does not withstand — does not earn. The load can be caused artificially. For example, the bunch of people goes to a marching, which one purpose — optimisation of spiritual dialogue under an exercise stress. The experimental principal takes with itself the person with the difficult character that was to see — what bunch also under a mental load lighter. The similar load, certainly, is possible in any orb and without its special making. The conscientious person should see, who in collective is the main load, and to give particular attention to it. The load can be small, optimum, maximum and superpossible. Each of us should know the loads in all — in meal, in physical capabilities, an intimate orb, mental… And to see, it undergoes at present what level of action of an external world. At a small load the circuit runs at idling speed and fails because of a defect. At an optimum load the circuit works very effectively and thus samosovershenstvuetsja. An optimum load at each person the. At gross capacity the circuit works in the core for the sake of effect which one, maybe, is necessary to it, and can be, and is not present. Thus the circuit fractionally fails. If operation on a maximum happens in an orb, physical, the physical part of the circuit distorts. For example, money is very necessary to someone and it all has left in their garnering — effect: There was money, but health or calmness has left. If operation on a maximum happens in an orb spiritual, effect another: the person has found spiritual experience and has saved healthy a physical skew field (can, truth and not to save).

At a superpossible load operation happens only for the sake of effect, and the circuit fails. Hence, there is a problem — what there should be an effect that for the sake of it to ruin the health? It is more narrow a select problem. Perhaps, it is commerce, and can be, education of children, and can be, mystical experience?. The history answers this problem uniquely — the spiritual idea for the sake of which one it is possible to go on superpossible loads is defensible only. Scorning this information it is punished «by to what it was aimed». So, expensive children can send the parents, supposed all forces on giving them a start in life, in a retirement home. It it, poor, in punishment, that have perceived at last what to give a start in life — does not mean to yield prestigious formation and a dwelling unit, and to teach love to people. The load wobbles in the most feeble place of the circuit. Any chain cable has the most feeble place. Thus it is possible and not to allow for other feeble places. In the world of people all is a little differently. There the dangerous point unites to all remaining in one. Therefore, if to lock the principal nucleation site for of discontent or treachery by a preventive measures, minor never and will not turn on.

While it is enough. The world of spiritual laws is so great what to tell about them it is impossible, it is possible to report only the point of view about some of them. To you, my dear Reader, I tender to work out the ratio to spiritual laws. How? We approach to the most important thing — as? Inure itself to see any appearance as whole, consisting of flock of components. Practically in any event there are all laws about which one I spoke; it is necessary to learn to see them then there will be a point of view.

Learn to see in any event implication of spiritual laws. As soon as you turn on in this process (the input and output law), try to interpret such laws: the law of a discharge, an appeal and the response, gang of streams, crystallisations, the midpoints… In due course you with success will recognise spiritual laws in all appearances of life.

Take the Bible, unclose in it section «Maiden book of realms», gl. VI, also read, for what the Lord of inhabitants of Vefsamisa has punished. Please, try to see analogies to astrological forecasts and forecasts of clairvoyant all colours which one and then was it is a lot of.

The last homework

Concentrate on the heart. Answer some problems of a non-traditional selfdiagnosis entering in your law of private life.

1. How you feel in loneliness, increase in it spiritually or, to the contrary, are sinked? Or increase spiritually, but "sour" physical?

2. Spot, how much you and members of your monogynopaedium are oriented on spiritual and how much on the secular. Constitute «the family spider» attitudes on spiritual and on the secular.

3. Clarify, a leah it is necessary to you to do serious work at once, all-hands evolution or gradually.

4. At dialogue with the person you "uplift" it or "sink" (the person it is possible to "uplift", speaking about its advantages, underlining that how condition was difficult, it nevertheless remained at the altitude so, it is obligatory with all will manage. It is possible the person and to "sink", pointing that it has made mass of errors and has ruined all case that it is not suit anywhere, but condition was added so that it is necessary to suffer it and etc.). You should answer yourselves this uneasy problem fairly. Your ratio to the children is specially relevant.

Very much it would be desirable, that our dialogue did not stop never, and pulls to exclaim, as Alexander Ljubimov: «Remain with us!». And after all we have such capability. Let all our "Unity" will live in heart of each of reading this book!

The tuning law

Февраль 14, 2013

After switching-on in any process the person selects, on what to it to be adjusted concretely. You have arrived to working scaffolds. At first there was a switching-on in existence in working scaffolds. I have not incidentally told: «you have arrived by the machine…». If you have come on foot would turn on on road. In working scaffolds all have started to search for funguses. One discovers more often red, another — birch-mushrooms, third — annulated boletuses. Because everyone is adjusted on a certain fungus.

The radiant law

Февраль 11, 2013

This law states that it is necessary to enter in any appearance through any doors and for this entrance the time is required. If you have come with tent to working scaffolds, will transit any time before you feel there «in the plate». The person has started to walk in church, but become rather orthodox could only, in three years — has turned on. Any specialist does not start to work at once, the time for switching-on is required to it. Any monogynopaedium does not exist from the very beginning successfully — Switching-on sometimes is necessary to be lapped the friend to the friend — term as adapting. But we speak about more uzkonapravlennom process. If the person has got in working scaffolds, he is necessarily adapted in its requirements at physiology level, but it does not mean that it has turned on in life working scaffolds, especially in operation for the sake of which one it there have directed. Thus, switching-on can be physical, sincere and spiritual. The conscientious person knows the turn-on time in each of the enumerated fields and feels these fields. Physical switching-on — it at last ceases stukatsja a head about each tree in working scaffolds. Sincere — when reacting on working scaffolds will spawn the positive emotions in the core. Spiritual — the person has seen in each arbour not only potential firewood, but also making of Bozhie. Other law escapes From switching-on — tunings.

The law larger and smaller

Февраль 9, 2013

Any appearance is more in comparison with any analogous, but smaller on gauge, and it is less in relation to any to another analogous, but larger on gauge. And in between permanently there is a qualitative connection. In smaller the same processes, as in larger always flow, patterning it, and larger always feels the smaller. So, the radioreceiver feels life of an air and plays back it, and aether feels the receiving detector, whatever low-power that was. In spiritual life it is a principle of interplay of the person good luck.

The accumulating law

Февраль 6, 2013

On the Earth the Lord yields any appearance energy. Both to bad too? And to bad., but to bad in the core energy is yielded by the person or the negative plot of life, reallocating thus energy of God. Means, for any case there are three energy sources: Divine, human and negative. Committing an act, the person should remember, as on it energy, but here a problem will be released: from whom? What radiant of hooking up? On the Earth any of us is the switchman directing trains of energy on specific businesses. As it is known, all punishments are strewed on a head of the switchman.

The distance law

Февраль 4, 2013

Between all appearances of life exists not only boundary, but also a distance — the peculiar psychoenergetic field which is not admitting infiltrations into the room. There is it and in the world physical — for example a bumper at the car. The Petersburg psychologist of Ampere-second. Dialects has somehow told: «art of contacts Is great, but distance art» is greater. In the world of people it is the certain behaviour restraining other person. The person in a state to overcome all distances, except the most thin, the most hidden, that, to overcome which one it is possible only by means of God. Admitted its violation it is punished. Here is how speaks about this A.Ahmatova:

There is in proximity of people a treasured bar, It not to transfer love and passion, Let in terrible silence a mouth And heart are drained off is torn from love to parts. And the friendship here is powerless, and year of High and igneous happiness When the soul is free and alien to Logy languor sladostrastja.

Seeking at it are mad, and its Attained — are attacked toskoju… Now you have perceived, from what I is not wobbled heart under thy rukoju.

The centre law

Any appearance has centre round which one it is gyrated. The person or the certain task delivered by life can be it. If the appearance fertile, it is aimed to centre — centripetal driving. So people are aimed to the worthy teacher. If not fertile, it is aimed from centre — centrifugal. So slaves try to abandon the slaveholder.

The tongs law

Февраль 1, 2013

Each boundary has a tongs which one uncloses it. It can be the system of accumulating and an energy conservation, allowing to unclose boundary of the capabilities and to enter in field earlier not permitted. It can be the certain approach to the person, allowing to step over boundary, to it installed. There is a tongs to each specific appearance, but a universal wrench — fraternal affection to the person, at which one boundary are uncovered. There is a tongs and in the form of a passe-partout…

The boundary law

Январь 29, 2013

Any appearance has the boundaries, for example, boundaries of a human skew field, boundary of the Earth… Boundaries permitted and unlawful which one it is specially relevant the nobility to the person. The conscientious person should know, where at it there transits, for example, boundary of the physical strain, to see boundary of good and harm in lives, joke and ridicule boundary.

The accumulating law

Январь 26, 2013

All yields to collecting… You Want to be rich — save money, you want to write the book — save a material, you want to be the spiritual person — save spiritual experience, you want to be strong — save force.